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Guide3D Ltd. is a dental institute that develops advanced technologies and procedures for the dental implant market. Guide3D’s team developed a smart design solution featuring numerous technical dental implants and surgical guides.  

Patients often have to-dimensional radiographs, such as orthopantomographs or periapicals, taken prior to surgery. Guide3D’s challenge was to use a CT scan with appropriate software and a 3D printing solution to achieve a precise and accurate surgical guide.

Objet’s 3D printed models and surgical guides were chosen by implant surgeons to facilitate the proper implant placement based on the final prosthesis’ occlusion and aesthetics. The Objet 3D printer proved to be the perfect solution, enabling Guide3D to design and print surgical guides for most implant cases. Models produced on the Objet printer can be cold-sterilized, have exceptionally fine details and have an outstanding surface finish – all necessary for ensuring the high degree of accuracy required by Guide3D’s team and dentists.

By using the Objet Eden 3D Printer Guide3D realized a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of surgical guides and present a greater variety of dental solutions to its clients. Instead of rejecting or outsourcing inquiries, like before, Guide 3D can now  answer every order that it receives.

Guide3D now has the freedom and capacity to add new customers while maintaining tight control of its overhead. In this way , it can expand its business and stay one step ahead of its competitors.


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