Functional Prototyping

Prove and perfect your designs with tough, precise testing 

Functional prototyping allows you to verify design, test part functionality, and communicate an idea well before moving into production when time and cost to change becomes prohibitive. Additionally, our wide variety of materials—including 3D printed metals using DMLS, photopolymers, thermoplastics, and Advanced Formula Polymers (AFPs)—are durable enough to withstand the rigors and wear of functional testing and engineering evaluation

Benefits and Applications

Functional Prototyping

Creating high-performance prototypes with production-grade thermoplastics yields superior performance data and gives your design teams greater certification confidence. Build realistic models quickly with soft-touch parts, clear components, living hinges, and shock absorption.

Engineering Evaluation and Research

Build durable, high quality parts and assemblies with 3D printing and advanced manufacturing that can withstand rigorous testing. Incorporate bosses, inserts, hinges, and other unique characteristics—making them useful for design and engineering evaluations, fit checks, and functional testing.