FS 350

  • FS 350

FS 350

Equipment Advantages  

_The accuracy printing with soft sole, slipper,leather shoes,and boots, show the really effection of trying on.

_The soles can be glued, can be tried on with steping, not burst, no leakage.

_High precision, can restore details soles and side pattern with 0.1 mm.

_EPM system with remote device control platform,real-time monitor, optimization management.

_Imported optical devices, high stability.

_Automatic closed-loop control system.

_CE certification.

Application Advantages

_More than ten years of stereolithography technology precipitation, a precision positioning with shoe mold of 3D printing equipment.

_From the original data file conversion to restore precise shoe pattern, a set of systematic shoe mold with 3D printing solutions.

_The pursuit of excellence enterprise background with power of pre-sale, after-sales, application supporting, better quality, caring service.

· Build Envelope Capacity:  350× 350× 250 mm(L*W*H)

· Equipment Size:  1270× 1150× 2123mmL× W× H

· Laser:  Laser Diode

· Laser wavelength: 405nm

· Laser power: 200mW

· Rated power: 2.5KVA

· Scanning system: Scancube 405

· Beam diameter: 0.05(Min) ;0.08(Max)

· Layer thickness: 0.05-0.25mm

· Scanning speed: 5-10m/s

· Forming accuracy: ±0.1mm L≤100mm;± 0.1%*L   L100mm

· Z axis positioning accuracy: ≤±8um

· Liquid level positioning accuracy: ≤±0.0{mm

· Base Plate: Marble